About me

My name is Frances Traynor but everyone calls me Fran.

For almost 25 years, I was a journalist in Scotland, working on local and national newspapers, and magazines. But as my 40th birthday approached, I decided on a career change so I chucked in my job, signed up to go to university and worked as a freelance to pay my way through my studies.

Fast-forward to today and I’ve got the best career change of all!

I’ve left office life behind forever to get into the great outdoors. And what better way to do that than walking dogs?

I’m a dog lover who has always enjoyed spending hours in the park, by the beach, on the hills with my own dog and friends’. I’ve even been known to borrow dogs just to get out for a walk!

And, at last, I’m not just the person who wrote about people making dramatic life changes, I’m actually the one who threw caution to the wind to pursue my own dream.

Having had to work long hours as a freelance to pay my way, I know how important it is to have someone you trust to care for your dog when you have to be at work or have other engagements.

Your dog is one of the family and deserves the very best attention every day.

You need someone trustworthy and reliable, someone who will do exactly what they promise, someone who will not only give your dog the exercise they need but who will also make sure he or she has great fun while they’re out.

If you want all of that for your dog, then call me now.

Fran Traynor